tisa chocolates is a tiny homemade chocolate making business, which offers fine hand crafted gourmet chocolates, besides homemade cookies and cakes,brownies & fudges, chocolate fountain...whatever involves chocolates. 

QUALITY...is the main ingredient in all tisa chocolates products, and that is why we use only imported BELGIAN chocolates and fillings for all pralines, which has been adjusted to suit the taste of 1 Malaysia. Our  "Sensuous Caramel" (praline with smooth  Belgian style caramel filling), is a favorite among customers, as the smooth and creamy texture is freshly homemade...

FRESHNESS...is what we can assure  our customers. Our chocolates are made fresh to order in small batches in order to maintain its freshness and quality. No artificial flavorings, additives or preservatives are added, so our customers receive their orders fresh.

GIFT OF CHOCOLATES...all handmade chocolates are well presented in chocolate box, nicely tied with ribbon...make it suitable as a gift.

AFFORDABLE...high quality chocolates at an affordable price.

ENJOY...taste the most desired chocolate of all and enjoy the pure pleasure of tisa handmade chocolates.