Monday, February 9, 2009


On 7/2/2009, i.e. last Saturday, I attended a chocolate making course at KDU College in Damansara. Since I'm into this chocolate making business, I found that this course is worth attending, though the fee is fact it is conducted by Malaysia's only Master Chocolatier, Chef Amer.The 8 weeks classes will entitle me to get certification from IMI Swiss International in Basic Choccolate Making.

It's me tempering the chocolate.
Everybody with Chef Amer.

Chef Amer explaining how to melt the chocolate- Bain Marie mtd.
Differrent types of chocolates - couverture ( real chocolate) & compound / cooking chocolate (immitation chocolate - only sugar & fat, which make them really sweet).

Sweet Treats only use imported, good quality chocolate couverture. Taste it to believe it.

Tempering chocolate couverture until the temperature goes down to 28 degrees C.

It is very important to temper chocolates in air conditioning room with room temp. at 25 degrees. And according to him, it must always be in an air-cond room. And it must be tempered on a marble / granite slab, unless you are using tempering machine or seedling method.

So, if the master chocolatier said it must be done in an air-cond room, just imagine what will happen to those chocolates that are not tempered in an air-cond room? According to Chef Amer, it's hard for him to say...for me, the best is follow what the master says...he knows better.

It is important to have a chocolate thermometer, a marble / granite slab & must be in an air-cond room.

Drying the chocolate mould, so it is warm.

Pouring the tempered chocolate in chocolate mould.

Moulded chocolates - after 20 minutes in the chiller - to harden the chocolates.

Unmoulding the chocolates.
The end product...Moulded handmade chocolates.
Chef Amer creations...FIDANI durian chocolates.